Majdi Sabaana

The best thing about my job: the best thing about my job is the mix of cultures through the communication with my great colleagues in Germany and Palestine. The flexibility of my employer is also nice, because I can work from the home office too, if necessary.

My greatest dream: my greatest dream is to start my own business and contribute something meaningful to society.

A phrase I hate: I hate the phrase "no idea" as a response when I expect an answer from someone.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be like: when I was a kid, I always wanted to be like what my father wanted to be. Back then, my father wanted to study abroad after graduating from high school. My grandfather could not finance that, and so my father's studies were not possible, even in his home country. I wanted to realise my father's dream and therefore studied in Germany. My father was very proud of me, and this made him very happy.

I'd like to trade with ... for one day: I'd like to trade with a taxi driver in Palestine for one day. Taxi drivers in Palestine are very open and talk to the people in the taxi the entire time. I'd get to know a lot of people doing this and to make new friends.