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Mobile Device Management

Enterprise Mobile Device Management

Users carry your enterprise in their pocket. They use their smartphones and tablets to access the corporate network, business applications, and your organization’s crown jewels: your enterprise data. The problem is these devices are all over the map. They go where your users go. Literally. And that’s risky. What if your users log into your network over an insecure network? What if they lose their smartphone or tablet? What if they download next year’s strategic plan … and then leave the company?

That's no problem - if you have the MDM solution from Citrix....

XenMobile MDM is a robust mobile device management solution that delivers role-based management, configuration and security for both corporate and employee-owned devices. Upon user device enrollment, IT can provision policies and apps to devices automatically, blacklist or whitelist apps, detect and protect against jailbroken devices, and wipe or selectively wipe a device that is lost, stolen or out of compliance. Users can use any device they choose, while IT can ensure compliance of corporate assets and secure corporate content on the device.

XenMobile MDM is the backbone of the most innovative and secure enterprise mobility management solution. Unlike most vendors offering basic device management software, XenMobile MDM offers advanced capabilities like geo-fencing, automated compliance, and features that make mobile apps “business-ready” and keep mobile content secure.

With a “one-click” dashboard, simple administrative console, and real-time integration with Microsoft Active Directory and other enterprise infrastructure like PKI and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, XenMobile MDM simplifies administration.

Whether delivered as an on-premises mobile device management server or cloud solution, XenMobile MDM lets you manage the device lifecycle across every major platform including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Microsoft Windows 8. XenMobile MDM offers out-of-the-box support for BYOD programs or corporate mobile initiatives with the industry’s easiest-to-use Mobile Management tool.


  • Configure
  • Provision
  • Secure
  • Support
  • Monitor & Report
  • Decommission

The Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle, which is comprised of XenMobile MDM and CloudGateway, provides mobile device, app and data freedom for employees. Employees have quick, single-click access to all their mobile, web, SaaS and Windows apps from a unified app store, including secure productivity apps that seamlessly integrate to offer a great user experience.

The Mobile Solutions Bundle provides identity-based provisioning and control for all apps, data and devices, policy-based controls, such as restriction of application access to authorized users, automatic account de-provisioning for terminated employees and selective wipe of device, apps or data stored on lost devices. With the Mobile Solutions Bundle, IT can give users device choice while giving IT the ability to prevent data leakage and protect the internal network from mobile threats.

Unlike point products that are focused on just managing mobile devices, mobile apps, or providing sandboxed email, the Mobile Solutions Bundle provides a complete solution that:

  • Gives users device and app choice without impacting compliance requirements
  • Delivers beautiful productivity apps that users love and IT embraces
  • Enables the business by allowing simple, anywhere access to apps
  • Provides advanced apps and data access controls to keep users happy but IT assured that content will be secure

Please contact us for more information and tell us if you would like to get a demo-version!