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Web Proxy in the Cloud against Zero-Day Exploits

The Zscaler service provides secure Web access - anywhere and on any device. You can easily configure your own security rules and set protection against web-based threats.

Zscaler is a managed cloud service. You need no hardware or software. For a monthly fee all users are protected against all risks at all locations when accessing web-sites, web 2.0 applications or peer-to-peer networks.

A simple configuration setting is all that is required to redirect all web traffic to one of Zscaler's high-performance, worldwide data centers. URLs are checked for dangerous content, and whether they meet your custom-configured security policies. Permitted and virus and other malicious software free web-sites are opened in the user's browser. The super-efficient Zscaler platform allows latency-free analysis and prevents annoying delays.

Important features:

  • URL filter with granular and individual usage policies
  • Protection against data loss over Web (webmail, instant messaging, file uploads)
  • Protection against malware and zero-day exploits
  • Protection against hazards arising from Web 2.0 applications and P2P links
  • Analysis of HTTPS traffic
  • Protection of multiple offices and mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • High-performance central reporting thanks to Zscaler's NanoLog technology, which conforms to data protection standards
  • Minimal response times thanks to extremely powerful architecture
  • Web-based configuration of your security policies
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