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Public procedures directory

The BDSG stipulates that the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection make available in an appropriate manner the following information according to § 4e of the Federal Data Protection Act:

  1. Name of the controller: AXSOS AG
  2. Director: Frank Müller
    Head of data processing: Bernd Länge
  3. Address of the office responsible: Zettachring 6, 70567 Stuttgart
  4. Purpose of data collection, data processing or data usage:
    The purpose of the company is the provision of IT services. The collection, processing and use of data is only for the purposes stated above.
  5. Description of the affected persons and the related data or data categories:
    Customer and supplier data as well as employee data so far as they are required for the fulfilling of the purposes described in 4. above.
  6. Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be disclosed:
    Public authorities with overriding legal stipulations, external contractors according to § 11 BDSG, as well as external bodies and internal departments for the purposes of fulfilling 4.
  7. Set periods for deleting data:
    The legislature has enforced a variety of storage obligations and periods. After these the expiration of these dates, the relevant data is routinely deleted. Data which are not affected by this will be deleted when the purposes of 4. have ceased to exist.
  8. Planned data transfer to third parties:
    There are currently no data sent to third parties.

AXSOS AG Data protection officer