AXSOS and Cynet - the new alliance against cyber-crime

Although attention to the topic of IT security has increased significantly in recent years, companies lack the budget and personnel to adequately cover this extensive field of tasks. Solutions often consist of a large number of components that have to be integrated, administered and maintained by the internal IT department.

With our new partner Cynet, this problem can easily be solved! Are you interested in this solution? More information is available in our brochure or you can contact our expert Bernd Länge directly.

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Cynet unites XDR, Response Automation and 24/7 MDR Services

The world's first Autonomous Breach Protection Platform

In 2015, the company was founded with the intention of making cyber attack protection possible for every organisation. Cynet provides accurate insight into all attack scenarios, enabling unprecedented understanding and opening a new vantage point on your entire infrastructure. Precise, predefined, autonomous intervention ensures attacks are averted. Cynet gives you an unprecedented level of control over your IT security.

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Get end-to-end protection against cyber attacks, regardless of the size and capabilities of your security team.

The combination of XDR technology and CYNET Engine makes connections between activities visible. This provides insight into different attack scenarios within minutes and makes their prevention possible. CYNET uses deception technology to expose attackers by placing decoys at host, user and file level in the network. This exposes attackers at an early stage and prevents them from attacking the entire IT infrastructure.

XDR prevention and detection

Complete prevention and detection coverage across your entire environment without having to buy, integrate and manage multiple controls - with one platform that integrates natively:


Multi-layered protection against malware, ransomware, exploits and fileless attacks


Protection against scan attacks, MITM, lateral movement and data exfiltration


Preset behavioural rules coupled with dynamic behavioural profiles to detect malicious anomalies


Decoy files, computers, user accounts and network connections to attract and detect advanced attackers.

Reaction automation

Reduce the burden and expand the capabilities of your security team by fully automating all required response actions:


Automatically determine the cause and impact of an attack across your environment


Intuitive graphic representation of the attack and the automated investigation and response measures


Eliminate malicious presence, activity and infrastructure across user, network and endpoint attacks


Automate comprehensive responses in your environment for any attack scenario

Inclusive 24/7 MDR-Services

Get full access to a world-class managed service that is automatically included in the platform at no additional cost:


CyOps proactively monitors your environment, prioritises and notifies you of critical events


CyOps searches for malicious artefacts and IoCs within your environment


Detailed analysis reports on attacks on your environment


Fernunterstützung bei der Eindämmung und Ausmerzung aller Bedrohungskomponenten

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