Sun, 14 June - Sat, 20 June 2020
Sun, April 25th - Sat, May 1st, 2021

Travel with us to Tel-Aviv, Jersualem and Ramallah - in no other area of the world is there a higher density of innovation than in Israel and Palestine. Join our travel group and visit the most innovative companies in the world for a week. Interesting personalities, exciting insights into working methods and approaches and inspiring encounters await you. With our guided tour you will experience the optimal balance between impulse and inspiration!

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Our journey will look something like this. Here we show you an exemplary itinerary and reserve the right to make changes. The exact program will be published soon.

Day 1 - Flight to Tel Aviv
Individual journey to Tel Aviv. We stay overnight in the 5* Hotel Sheraton in Tel Aviv. In the evening there will be a Meet & Mingle. The participants get to know each other. We will take a tour of the oldest port city in the world, Jaffa, and end the evening there.

Day 2 - Visits to selected companies
We start with a briefing by the Foreign Trade Chamber (AHK) Israel. We visit the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. After a following lunch we will get to know an incubator. We will also visit a start-up in the evening.

Day 3 - Future trends in the "Silicon Wadi"
We visit the Weizmann Institute of Sience. Afterwards we will visit and get to know two more start-ups. In the evening we will continue to Jerusalem. We move into our Hotel American Colony in Jerusalem. After dinner and a round of exchange and reflection of all participants we will drive up to the Mount of Olives and enjoy the beautiful night view of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Day 4 - This day is dedicated to the motto "Innovation"
We start the day with a visit to the Temple Mount. Afterwards we will visit the company OrCam. We will dive into the revolution of artificial vision. Afterwards we will go to Mobileye. This company is the Israeli subsidiary of the Intel group and the leading supplier of driver assistance systems. Among other things, vision-based driver assistance systems are developed here for BMW and Audi. The main research and development center is located in Jerusalem. After our joint lunch we will visit JVP (Israel's oldest investment fund).

Day 5 - Visits to start-ups and excursion to Jerusalem
We visit Sbitani (the Media Markt of Palestine).  Afterwards we will visit AXSOS in Ramallah. For lunch there will be an exchange with the German deputy office manager. We will spend the afternoon at Parmacare. In the evening we will drive to Rawabi, the first Palestinian drawing board city.

Day 6 - To the Dead Sea and Ramallah
On Friday we start to Jericho to the Dead Sea. Afterwards we will visit companies. In the afternoon we will see the solar project in Jericho. We will visit the Mountain of Temptation by cable car. In the evening we will return to Jerusalem.

Day 7 - Review and departure
In the morning we go to the airport in Tel Aviv. We fly back to Germany or you travel on individually.




Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

As a thoroughbred entrepreneur and sought-after speaker, Prof. Dr. Jörg Knoblauch is on the road all over the world. He says himself about his travels to the most innovative locations in the world that they have fundamentally changed his thinking and actions. As he has built up very good business relationships over many years, he has been offering these special trips into the future to other entrepreneurs for some time now. You can only profit from his wealth of experience!


Management Board of AXSOS AG

Frank Müller has many years of experience in the IT industry. His one-year stay in the Holy Land had a special impact on him. His time as a development aid worker finally inspired him to take the step to Ramallah/Palestine with AXSOS as well. Due to his long-time youth work in the YMCA and his activities in the Holy Land, Frank Müller puts the people in the foreground. In his opinion, the people and their cooperation with each other make the difference in all projects.

Müller's talent for structuring complex challenges and transforming them into solutions with added value is regarded as his core competence in his work for AXSOS. In addition to IT security and IT infrastructure, his personal background of experience includes application development. These three focal points are also reflected in the range of services offered by AXSOS.



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