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Yubikey in a laptop

Prevent Account Hijacking with Multi-Factor Authentication

The classic login to a computer, website or service is done with a username and password. If the username and password combination is not complex...

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Working simultaneously with laptop and smartphone

The psychological effects of digitalization

My name is Elsa Gavriilidis and being both German and Greek I am delighted to support the marketing and PR team at AXSOS AG from both Greece and...

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4 logos, Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Chromium

The Browser Wars are Over

Put the champagne on ice - we're going to need it in a minute.  It is a glorious time to be making web-sites and applications! But it has been a hard...

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Photo of crowded cinema

Keeping up the Connection

Look at that image of the crowded movie theatre at the Filmakademie. No worries, it was taken in the beginning of 2019, a year before COVID hit, on...

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Cynet logo

Comprehensive preventive cyber measures

The technical magazine Manage IT, which deals with strategic and tactical IT decisions and is aimed at specialists and managers, has published an...

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