We free your IT from the image of the cost block and pave the way to IT as a business capability.

Martin Müller, Chief Technology Officer

PC, network cable and keyboard - for us, infrastructure means more than just providing the essentials. With us, you will be supplied with the complete package, because we not only purchase hardware or software according to your requirements, but also continue to support you in the maintenance and servicing of your hardware.

IT is often viewed as an annoying cost block in business. We at AXSOS AG want to change this viewpoint: IT should always be regarded as a business enabler. For this reason, we offer you more than just the basic operation of application software. We support you throughout the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure and provide you with advice and active support. In doing so, we are fully committed to our slogan of "user-oriented IT", which means that if your employees receive optimum support in their daily work, then we have fulfilled our task.

When it comes to understanding your needs, we follow a simple approach: take demand, select and install appropriate products, and provide support. Ideally, the organisation and business processes are then supported by powerful IT infrastructures. This reduces the general administration effort and frees up internal resources. The advantage of AXSOS lies in the cooperation. We attach great importance to working in partnership, want to build trust between both parties and always put the goals and the benefit of the customer in the foreground.


Service Management by definition includes measures and methods that represent the best possible support for business processes by the IT organization. And high-performance IT is not only needed for trend topics such as digitisation, but is also an important pillar in process optimisation. 

At AXSOS AG, we offer service management with a clear focus on service and customer orientation. This means that not all services are meaningful for every company, and we'll tell you that.
We analyse your IT requirements and provide you with the modules you really need. This not only meets our own requirements, but also increases the satisfaction of our customers. We understand service management as the best mix of people, processes and technology - and we offer this to you!


An important component is the service desk: In case of problems or malfunctions, you will reach a competent contact person here who will accompany you on the way to a solution. This interface between business and IT has a great influence on the perception of IT in the entire company. If problems are resolved quickly or if you are given the right tools, the IT resources are used effectively. We will take care of all this for you: With our 24/7 support, long waiting times in support hotlines are eliminated and your employees can devote themselves to strategic projects. We relieve your resources and use professional tools to set up optimised processes for your company - so that you can focus fully on your core business!

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