IT Infrastructure as the Basis for Your Company's Success

We free your IT from the image of the cost block and pave the way to IT as a business capability.

Martin Müller, Chief Technology Officer

When it comes to understanding your needs, we follow a simple approach: take demand, select and install appropriate products, and provide support. Ideally, the organisation and business processes are then supported by powerful IT infrastructures. This reduces the general administration effort and frees up internal resources. The advantage of AXSOS lies in the cooperation. We attach great importance to working in partnership, want to build trust between both parties and always put the goals and the benefit of the customer in the foreground.

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In case of problems or malfunctions, you will reach a competent contact person here who will accompany you on the way to a solution. This interface between business and IT has a great influence on the perception of IT in the entire company. If problems are resolved quickly or if you are given the right tools, the IT resources are used effectively.

We will take care of all this for you: With our 24/7 support, long waiting times in support hotlines are eliminated and your employees can devote themselves to strategic projects. 


The shortage of IT specialists poses great challenges for companies. Three out of four companies confirm this lack of IT specialists. More than half also state that they believe that this shortage of skilled workers will become even more acute in the future. IT and telecommunications providers as well as software and IT service providers have the greatest need for skilled workers. IT in whole or in part outsourcing is a possible solution to compensate for the lack of skilled workers.

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