IT Security - Because Being Secure is Better

"We find the protection that fits your business and protects your important, critical or sensitive data to the right extent. We create the best possible security when it comes to supporting your daily work routine."

Bernd Länge, Head of Infrstructure & Security

With AXSOS AG, your IT security has no shortage of anything - because for us, IT security is a dynamic process. A process that we manage with agility so that you are always equipped with the best protection. We follow the maxim that we do not want to obstruct your end users with superfluous security measures, but rather support them in their daily work in the best possible way. The best security is always the one you don't notice, because these tools act in the background and keep harmful things away from you. 

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With the increasing integration of business processes with modern information and communication technology such as AI, IoT or Big Data, the importance of IT security is growing.

The more corporate processes are digitalized and networked, the greater the scope for cyber attacks. And how should we keep track of this increasingly diverse landscape? With Cynet 360 we have the right solution for you. 

Cynet protects the entire IT infrastructure from hosts, files, users to the network. The tool manages to provide insight into all attack scenarios and does so within minutes. It exposes the attackers and lures them into a secure environment where they cannot cause any damage. And the best part? All processes are automated and Cynet 360 is completely self-sufficient. Furthermore, a CyOps team is included in the price to help you in serious cases.

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Almost three quarters of companies in Germany are aware of these security risks posed by ongoing digitization and therefore see IT security as the basis for successful digitization. Using our checklist, you can check in advance how your IT security is set up. In the next step, we will be happy to advise you on how you can safely counter digitization as a company.




In times of digitalization, cyber security must be viewed holistically. To ensure the security of business data and processes, companies must rely on security concepts that enable rapid intervention in the event of threats. Studies by the BSI have shown that there are serious security gaps in many companies through which attackers can gain access unnoticed. The investigation uncovered tens of thousands of cases of misconfigured systems, unpatched software and other vulnerabilities. 

The AXSOS security team has over a decade of expertise in IT security and therefore knows the best software and the right tools for secure IT. We are happy to meet your challenges!

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Companies are increasingly confronted with cyber attacks in the areas of data theft, system damage and computer sabotage. The risk of an attack is perceived, but action is rarely taken - especially as a chain store operator, the trust of the buyer is elementary. If this trust is carelessly gambled away by failures in IT security, the buyer quickly turns to your competitors.

The handling of personal data deserves special attention. Here we have already been able to convince with a large project for a drugstore chain in the German-speaking region. We always help you to find the right measures to protect your brand - with user-oriented IT security. 

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