"We find the protection that fits your business and protects your important, critical or sensitive data to the right extent. We create the best possible security when it comes to supporting your daily work routine."

Bernd Länge, Head of Infrstructure & Security

With AXSOS AG, your IT security has no shortage of anything - because for us, IT security is a dynamic process. A process that we manage with agility so that you are always equipped with the best protection. We follow the maxim that we do not want to obstruct your end users with superfluous security measures, but rather support them in their daily work in the best possible way. The best security is always the one you don't notice, because these tools act in the background and keep harmful things away from you. 

Service-oriented architectures, progressive networking of life and work, decentralisation and virtualisation of IT infrastructures, and thus not enough: Our security experts know how quickly your IT requirements and your security level change.
Every day, the media are full of new attacks, data leaks, or legislators' regulations. Many questions arise here:
Is our data secure? What happens when we work mobile?
How do we even know that an attack has taken place - only when data has disappeared?
And where do we get a data protection officer now?

All these questions are answered by our experts who know the best software and the right tools to ideally equip you. We are happy to meet your challenges!

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