"With AXSOS, your individual solution becomes your competitive advantage."

Frank Müller, CEO of AXSOS AG

Many areas can be supported with standard software, but when it comes to developing tailor-made solutions for you, we can help you. Our special approach starts with an initial analysis: Here we question where it makes sense to provide the customer with individual software. We only individualise areas that create added value for your company. Existing standard software will not be replaced but integrated into the new tool. 

Thanks to the many years of experience of our experts, these solutions work efficiently and conveniently for you. And if you need individual software at short notice, you have come to the right place. We also know how to master this challenge, because we are flexible in putting together the ideal teams and can rely on our competent developers from Ramallah

This offers numerous advantages for you as a customer: You have the greatest possible cost-benefit on your side and a high user orientation with minimal risk. We see individual development as our supreme discipline - your requirements are our challenges!

AXSOS has two focal points in individual development. On the one hand, we sell and support products, such as development tools for software, with which our developers also work themselves. For support, our customers can contact our hotline, where you will be advised by our experts in the event of problems or malfunctions. In actual software development, we put our maxim of user orientation into practice and create tailor-made applications for you.

Jamil Isayyed, Head of Software Development, AXSOS AG


We specialize in the legacy systems IBM i. Financial transactions, road traffic control systems or nursing care - many of these functions were developed in the 1980s and continue to be reliable. However, users have changed and expect a modern user interface with intuitive operation. We modernise your legacy application with tools that extract the existing business logic and transfer it to new application platforms. So you keep the full functionality in a new look.

We also take over another key component in the legacy systems: maintenance. We are familiar with the tasks in the further lifecycle of your individual solution and take care of the maintenance of your solution.



Digital transformation is considered a deterrent buzz word in companies. Everybody feels like they have to do something. But where to start and how? In fact, this question cannot be answered from the outset, because for every company, digital transformation means something different, every company pursues different goals or starts from a different basis. Our experts know about it and ask the right questions. Only when you know where you want to go, does the actual business begin. We digitise your business processes, provide you with innovative processes or methods and thus lift you into the new digital age. We provide for your positive momentum!

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