"With AXSOS, your individual solution becomes your competitive advantage."

Frank Müller, CEO of AXSOS AG

Many areas can be supported with standard software, but when it comes to developing tailor-made solutions for you, we can help you. Existing standard software will not be replaced but integrated into the new tool. 

Thanks to the many years of experience of our experts, these solutions work efficiently and conveniently for you. You have the greatest possible cost-benefit on your side and a high user orientation with minimal risk. We see individual development as our supreme discipline - your requirements are our challenges!


What does digitization mean to you? Do you sometimes wonder how you can make processes more efficient and reduce costs? How can a long-term competitive advantage be created without making a
risky investment?

Digitization is instigating a profound change in German companies. Those who assume that everything has been done with the introduction of a new cloud or software solution misunderstand the opportunities that lie in digitalisation. Rather, it is about changes across the entire process chain of companies - from internal to external processes that add value not only to you but also your customers.

With AXSOS, your digitization project will be implemented successfully and risk-free. Click here to download our whitepaper about digitization.

„IT is the central innovation driver of modern organisations. Real added value - starting from the processes - can be created efficiently and the digital potential of companies and organisations can be raised. Successful companies use these opportunities structurally and emotionally.“

Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius
Vice Dean for Innovation and Networking at the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Konstanz for Technology, Economics and Design


We want to change the status quo in school IT and provide equipment that is standardized and can be supported centrally. So you have a reliable and available IT infrastructure that makes digital teaching and learning a pleasure.

We also want to relieve your teaching staff. No teacher should have to neglect his/her pedagogical training in favour of IT tutoring - that's what we are here for. As experts for IT infrastructure and IT security, we have trained staff who can solve any problem!

You need support or just want to get to know us?
Contact our expert Benedikt Kondratowski by phone at +49 711 901196 651 or simply write an email.


We specialize in the legacy systems IBM i. Financial transactions, road traffic control systems or nursing care - many of these functions were developed in the 1980s and continue to be reliable. However, users have changed and expect a modern user interface with intuitive operation. We modernise your legacy application with tools that extract the existing business logic and transfer it to new application platforms. So you keep the full functionality in a new look.

We also take over another key component in the legacy systems: maintenance. We are familiar with the tasks in the further lifecycle of your individual solution and take care of the maintenance of your solution.

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