User-Oriented IT from One Source
The Services of AXSOS AG

At AXSOS, we understand user-oriented IT as listening to you to understand your needs and requirements. It is our obligation to do so. Offering you value-added solutions for your business is our mission.

Our service areas consist of IT security, IT infrastructure and individual development. We combine these areas into one unit - we offer you both the complete package and services from individual areas.


Individual solutions are our supreme discipline - we are the right partner when it comes to developing software according to your needs. Individual solutions make business processes more efficient and economical, while they can easily integrate different operating systems.


Security is a matter of having the right strategy. After all, good IT security is essential for your company's success: it creates trust, increases the motivation of your employees and allows you to focus on your common work objective.


The infrastructure is the central interface for company processes. We have the ability to tailor all components to your requirements and support your users in the best possible way.

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