Church of the Redeemer, Jerusalem

Statement Probst

Wolfgang Schmidt, Propst of Jerusalem, Church of the Redeemer

Statement Barbara-Anne Podborny

Barbara-Anne Podborny, kaufmännische Geschäftsführerin, Church of the Redeemer

Success Story

In its search for a new IT provider, the Church of the Redeemer, Jerusalem, found in AXSOS AG a partner who is as familiar with German quality standards as it is with living and working in the Holy Land

The management of the Church of the Redeemer, Jerusalem, had set itself the following goals:

  • A uniform, standardised IT infrastructure
  • Secure access via VPN to emails and servers from the home office
  • A secure cloud

A particular challenge for AXSOS came from the fact that not all team members from Palestine have no access to the Israeli territories. For this reason, the project was carried out by a colleague on site, while another one connected using remote access. By doing this, it was possible to bring the IT environment, which had been previously maintained and managed by volunteers, up to date.

Customers can now better focus on their daily work, since problems are resolved via the support hotline. AXSOS provides you with an experienced support team to solve those problems. By implementing firewalls and anti-virus systems, customers can now operate in a secure IT environment. And working from home is also possible without any difficulties thanks to external as well as internal access to emails, and the cloud has become significantly more efficient.


The Protestant German-speaking congregation in Jerusalem welcomes everyone who lives in the Holy Land, be it short or long term, and wants to participate in the church life of a German-speaking congregation.

Our congregational work also includes (almost) everything you would expect from a Protestant congregation in Germany. However, our church members live scattered across three political entities: in Israel, in the Palestinian territories, and in Jordan (and some even in Iraq).

Our spiritual centre is the Church of the Redeemer in the Old City of Jerusalem with its adjoining provostry. This is where we celebrate our Sunday services, where most of the parish events take place, and where the provost and parish administration are located.