The Cineplex group consists of 25 cinemas from all over Germany. This merger has the advantage that topics that affect every one of them can be adressed centrally. Especially IT security, data protection and network services are concerened by that.

IT security requirements of cinema operator are equally strict as for an industrial company. "The protection of data is a big topic for us - as we handel personal data when our customers use their cinema-cards or pay with their credit card", tells Steven Peskett, Head of Internal IT projects at Cineplex Deutschland GmbH. Strong security mesaures are very important. That's why Cineplex can count on solutions from F-Secure provided by AXSOS since 2016. The contact persons from both sides emphasizes the good partnership. "The consulting service from AXSOS provides us with the best-fitting solutions which suits us very well. That's why we trust them with our business", explains Michael Ewert, Head of IT at Cineplex Deutschland GmbH. In sensitive areas lik IT security it is always important to find the best solution for the client and not just to sell a product to them for the sake of it.

Cineplex - Market leader of cinemas in Germany

The Cineplex trademark unites more than 90 cinemas from all over Germany since 2016. With 25 operator in 66 cities and more than 530 screens Cineplex is the biggest cinema operator in Germany and one of the biggest groups in Europe.

It was founded in 1997 to optimize operational processes and to join marketing campaigns. The operators are mainly business that own their cinemas in their towns for decades. The oldest cinema is over 100 years old and a lot of them are established in the third or fourth generation. 

Known for its quality most of the Cineplex cinemas are located in modern buildings that are state of the art in technology and comfort.