Lars Fietkau, Service Manager InfraSec EVG, AXSOS AG

Success Story: EVG Service Desk

By outsourcing its end-user support, EVG is systematically pursuing its strategic focus when it comes to IT issues: after EVG increased from 12 to 32 locations, high initial costs and the need to build-up expertise internally were to be avoided, which, in the case of an in-house support team, would have fallen to the trade union.

Handing over end-user support to AXSOS AG was the next logical step in a good partnership of equals.

The aim of this project was to create standardised and transparent processes that allow the in-house IT to once more focus on its own tasks. In addition, SLAs (Service Level Agreements) were agreed and an availability level was defined for the support hotline.

The best possible combination of systematic and human knowledge has thus been achieved: thanks to the continuous improvement of the ITIL processes, not only can the partnership be made more productive, but, with the staff of the AXSOS AG support team, EVG has access to contact partners who are always able to remedy malfunctions and problems to high-quality standards.

Torsten Westphal, Chairman at EVG, describes the project of outsourcing the service desk with AXSOS AG as successful and says: "If there is a problem, it's not about who is responsible for the problem, or authorised to deal with it, but about a quick solution, so that functionality is restored."


EVG stands (in German) for "railway and transport union" – knowing well, of course, that rail is an integral part of transport. The intention was to consciously stress the railways in the name, as the future, too, will always have something to do with tradition. The members of both organisations know where they come from. And they know where they're going. That is clear from the name.

The EVG organises members in large parts of the transport sector: bus drivers are members as well as service staff; inland navigation operators on Lake Constance and, of course, the classic railwayman.

We've lived as a community for 120 years already. And we always achieve the best results for our members. In addition, we have the best member benefits because we have a broad network of local and company contacts, reliable insurance policies, and effective health care.
The EVG is politically committed to rail and public transport, because these are environmentally friendly, safe, and citizen-oriented, and therefore stand for a high quality of life and economic strength in Germany.