Jetter AG

Statement Herr Neumann

Dirk Neumann, VP Finance, Jetter AG

Statement Michael Benz

Michael Benz, Head of IT Management and Order Processing, Jetter AG

Success Story

Jetter AG, based in Ludwigsburg, Germany, specialises in the control elements of special-purpose machines and municipal vehicles – including, for example, the operation of a blue light at the push of a button. The software used is in places so customised that virus scanners detect it as harmful. Together with AXSOS, a solution was able to be found that met Jetter's requirements. In addition, a package with secure Internet access from F-Secure was implemented at Jetter AG, which to this day forms the basis of the cooperation between the two companies.

"We speak the same language – not only on a technical level, but also on a human level"

Thanks to the long-standing partnership, new needs that arise can be addressed directly. The contact persons at AXSOS are regarded by Jetter as competent, and their responses always immediate. New products and solutions are often put forward by AXSOS too – thus providing the basis for future collaboration that can be yet further expanded.


For decades, Jetter AG has stood for the highest demands on automation solutions used in a wide variety of industrial and mobile automation sectors.

Our products and components are characterised by a high level of system integrity and diversity. Thanks to our in-house hardware and software development and production facilities in Germany, it is always possible to act quickly and flexibly. Together with the comprehensive range of professional services, this means that practically all customer requirements can be met.

In industrial automation, Jetter AG has focused on selected industries. Highly specialised solutions enable customers to implement state-of-the-art machines and systems that contribute to crucial advantages in their respective market environment.