Marc Cain

Statement Franz Riedinger

Franz Riedinger, Head of IT, Marc Cain GmbH

Success Story

Marc Cain, an internationally active fashion company dealing in women's outerwear, places equally high demands on its IT as it does on its own quality.

Marc Cain has been trusting AXSOS AG's expertise in IT security for more than eight years. It is primarily end-point security products from F-Secure that are used, which guarantee virus protection for servers and clients. So, for example, the cash register in the Stuttgart store is connected to Marc Cain's headquarters in Bodelshausen via a VPN connection. In order to guarantee a secure connection and prevent unauthorised intrusion from outside, security software is required that protects both the cash registers and the workstations in Bodelshausen.

For Marc Cain, there are many advantages to outsourcing data protection: the software that AXSOS provides is ready for immediate use and can be flexibly adapted to the particular company in question. For Marc Cain, it is particularly important that responsibility for this sensitive issue is placed in competent hands.

The data protection officer at Marc Cain currently occupies a special role. This position is still filled in tandem by one AXSOS AG expert together with one employee from Marc Cain. This way, an internal employee can be trained "on the job" and is given more duties and responsibility over time. This approach has the advantage that data protection is optimally maintained the entire time.

Franz Riedinger, head of IT at Marc Cain, sums up the advantages of working with AXSOS as follows: "The advantages we have with AXSOS in the field of security are being able to make use of AXSOS's expertise and being able to rely on the fact that we are always receiving optimal advice."


The internationally successful fashion company Marc Cain was founded in 1973 by Helmut Schlotterer, chairman of the management board. Today, Marc Cain is a globally operating premium brand for women's fashion, with its own share of production in Germany. Marc Cain supervises global business from out of the headquarters in Bodelshausen.