The Values of AXSOS AG

By our innovative IT service offer we understand the difference in our approach: We show you what you need and what you don't need. We know which solutions you need to implement in order to be successful with your company. In all our activities you can rely on our experience and know-how. With us, you will find employees who think ahead to the next decisive step. And if this means that goals have to be formulated anew, we will take this path together with you. With AXSOS AG you have a reliable partner at your side who supports you in all matters. We at AXSOS rely on understanding and cooperation among colleagues, partners and customers. This is our key to success, because we believe that personal contact is the most important factor in ensuring that you end up with ideal solutions. Listen. Understand. Act accordingly. This is what distinguishes us and what we bring to every collaboration.


We're not purple, we're brombeer. Brombeer - a colour that stimulates the problem-solving areas of the brain as well as the creative part. Aspects that we need in our daily work. Brombeer stands for innovative and unique solutions where we don't shy away from a challenge.

To get you in the right mood for our brombeer world, we have gathered impressions from all over the world - from holidays, from everyday life and all that, of course, in brombeer. Because Brombeer is everywhere!


You can not buy values ​​- they are part of the lived out corporate culture. It is of central importance to us that our values are lived out by our employees. We want our values to fit both you and us.

We are always there with all our heart and we are committed beyond our desks. That is why we have also decided to promote and shape peace in the Middle East. That's our vision.


AXSOS mission 

After listening and understanding, we deliver the desired solution and provide value to your work. With us you have freedom of choice and enjoy a great user experience. We enable you to take off!

AXSOS vision

User oriented BT is: After listening and understanding, we offer you opportunities to add to your work. With us you have freedom of choice and enjoy a great user experience. We enable you to take off!

Creating an environment of freedom within AXSOS is our call. Being online and contributing peace in the Middle East is our choice.


Our corporate identity supports our claim to operate successfully in the market as an innovative IT service provider. That's why AXSOS is not purple, it's brombeer.

The language of our logo is simple and concise at the same time. It symbolizes AXSOS' precise range of products and services, always focusing on the needs of the user. The ribbons around the brombeer-coloured core with the AXSOS logo convey not only a depth effect, but also the security of the solutions on offer.

Clear colour. Clear message. We bring services to the point.

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