Joseph Ashfour

"With good food and drink, you can impress almost anyone"

Chef Joseph Asfour grew up in the golden city of Jerusalem, where his education began in 1983. With the help of numerous training courses in the fields of quality management for restaurants and hotels, marketing management and personnel development, as well as food and beverage courses, he developed his unique style. Asfour sees himself as a highly qualified artist who knows how to show off the French, Italian, Irish, Palestinian, and many other, cuisines at their best.

He's the founder of one of Ramallah's most famous restaurants, the Darna Restaurant. His work at the "Angelo" restaurant, the "Roten Halbmond" and other restaurants abroad provided him with the knowledge he needed to present food of exquisite quality. True to his motto, it's quality that counts, not the quantity of food.

As a chef, Josef has already cooked for renowned guests such as Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II, President Mahmud Abbas, President Vladimir Putin, Condoleeza Rice, Koffi Anan and Javier Solana.

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