Newly Orchestrated Biblical Recipes - with Moshe Basson

“Those who set the table and eat together contribute more to peace than any politician.”

As co-founder of “Chefs for Peace”, an initiative that brings together chefs from all religions, Moshe Basson was a guest at AXSOS AG in 2017.

Entirely in keeping with the philosophy of AXSOS AG, “Chefs for Peace” want to bring people together, and they see eating together as an opportunity to build bridges between the most different of world views. Moshe Basson's approach is rooted in his own personal history, since his family had to flee Baghdad to Israel to escape the persecution of Jews. This is why he speaks Arabic fluently in addition to Hebrew, and why he has made cosmopolitanism and tolerance his maxim.


Moshe Basson about his engagement for “Chefs for Peace”

Moshe Basson cooks with ingredients that have been used for centuries in Israel and Palestine. He is thus regarded as an expert on herbs and edible plants of the region, and on how they can be handled in dishes. Moshe Basson's cuisine thus not only stands for a century-old tradition, but also narrates the legends of each area. His dishes often have biblical names, since Basson translates the stories of the Bible into delicious dishes.

In the recipes that Moshe Basson has exclusively provided for us, you will have the opportunity to delve deep into the history of a spice and taste the Orient.

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