Markus Bischoff - Gourmet Chef from Stuttgart

“My guests are my fiercest critics.”

A chef of the calibre of Markus Bischoff, who has a plethora of experience spanning all different roles in the catering business, understands our approach like no other. And so, at the annual cooking event, Markus Bischoff demonstrates the culinary flair necessary to create top-class dishes with oriental influences, inspiring our guests anew every time.

Unknown spices are combined with well-known ingredients in such a way that a completely new taste experience is created – and if you at first viewed the combination of ingredients with scepticism, you'll be fascinated by the actual taste experience that results. Markus Bischoff not only has the gift of translating individual ingredients into a well-rounded menu that reflects the versatility of AXSOS AG; he also knows how to fascinate our guests with the history of the spices, the various cooking processes, and enjoyment in itself – with charm, wit, and a friendly team behind him.

Here you can take a look at the impressions made by past cooking events with Markus Bischoff in the DEKRA restaurant – but be warned, your mouth may easily start watering!

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