Spice It Up

Why spices? The answer is actually really simple: everyone can do USB sticks. For this reason, we have decided to give away what suits us best: spices from Palestine.

Among the wide range of exotic blends of oriental spices, there is one that stands out here: Za' tar. Anyone who has ever visited the Middle East knows that this blend of spices is almost ubiquitous – whether in the alleys of Damascus, Beirut or Jerusalem

Za'tar is produced in every family according to its own carefully guarded recipe, passed down from generation to generation. The main ingredients for it are thyme, sesame and sumac. We at AXSOS also supply our Za'tar directly from Palestine, mixed according to the secret recipe of the mother-in-law of board member Frank Müller.

Za'tar is preferably used in combination with olive oil and is excellent for refining meat and fish dishes. Za'tar also lends its very own oriental note to spreads, dips, casseroles and all kinds of vegetables.

And what better reflection of Palestine than Za'tar? We are happy to also provide our customers and partners with the respective ingredients, so that they can create their very own personal Za'tar mix – it's just like our maxim of user-oriented IT.

If you're interested in more recipes for success from the kitchen and IT, you'll find inspiration on the following pages. We have gathered recipes that combine the best from Palestine and Germany.

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