Partnership Between the Film Academies of Ludwigsburg and Ramallah

Thorsten Schütte, Study Program Coordinator, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg


Moving image is the medium of our time. In it, we have found the perfect means for portraying the AXSOS world to the public. The atmosphere of living and working at AXSOS can thus be portrayed.

That's why we decided to support the exchange between film-makers in Ludwigsburg and Ramallah. And not by donating money or some similar gesture of symbolic value, but with something very practical: an apartment. During their stay in Ramallah, students from Ludwigsburg are able to use the AXSOS apartment in the Ougarit building.

The exchange students report on our blog about what that's like.

Another reason for this involvement is the fact that an exchange offers insights into new living environments. Especially in a secluded country like Palestine, young people get the chance to take ideas and stimuli home with them. This makes it possible to give young Palestinians a perspective, and at the same time allows German students to get to know the country from a completely different angle.

The film acaemy's press release on the latest round of the exchange can be found here.

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