The Heart of Jenin Continues to Beat
Cinema Event with AXSOS

The focus of the evening was the documentary film about the Khatib family. When their 12-year-old son Ahmed is accidentally shot dead by an Israeli soldier because of his plastic rifle, the Palestinian Khatib couple makes an almost superhuman decision. They release their child's organs for donation at the Israeli hospital, gifting five children of different religions a "new" life.

This unique decision attracted worldwide attention. Shaken awake by a father who, in his saddest hours, has the far-sightedness to think of others, German film-maker Marcus Vetter and his Israeli colleague Leon Geller decide to make a documentary film. This shows Ismael Khatib, who goes on a journey to visit the recipient children and their parents. The "Heart of Jenin" was released in 2009, was swamped with prizes, and met with worldwide media coverage

Ismael Kathib and his wife were protagonists in what was arguably the most extraordinary organ donation in contemporary history and became models of human action. Since the death of his son, he has been committed to breaking down prejudices against organ donation and encouraging people to consciously address the issue. In Germany too, organ donation does not get the attention it deserves. The number of organ donors is not nearly enough to save the full number of those waiting.

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