When the Swabian Palate Tastes the Middle East

The pasta from the Schaut factory is handmade using only the best ingredients. Fresh eggs and the finest durum wheat or spelt semolina are the foundation for high-quality pasta. By dispensing with flavour enhancers and colour additives at Schaut's, the customer receives an authentic, Swabian product.

The assortment includes fresh egg pasta as well as pasta without egg, and a wide variety of pasta creations using aromatic herbs and tasty spices. This willingness to experiment also led to the collaboration with AXSOS AG and to the joint production of Za'tar Spätzle. A combination that lends a Middle Eastern touch to Swabia's beloved pasta.

A look at Schaut's pasta manufacture

Our family factory sits on the edge of the Swabian Alb. More specifically, in Andelfingen, Upper Swabia. Here, we are inspired by what surrounds us: traditional agriculture and unspoilt nature. Our ingredients have a natural quality that we want to preserve for you in our specialities.

The roots of our family factory of course lie in farming, and this is now being managed by the third generation. In 1993, Brigitte Schaut began to process the eggs from her own farm into pasta. Without further ado, the garage was converted into a pasta room. Soon afterwards, the desire arose to sell on agricultural produce directly from the farm.
When the small shop in the entrance to the house gained more and more recognition, the family decided to build a larger farm shop with production facilities. As a result, the former pigsty was completely rebuilt. After just one year, the family-run business we know today, with its affiliated retail shop, came into being.

A further construction project was then started in September 2013. The existing building was extended to accommodate new storage facilities and larger production facilities. This extension also created a sauce kitchen and an area for packing gift bags, and enlarged the shop. The new premises were inaugurated in July 2014.

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